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Home Rail Staff Travel Forms. FIP Cards and Coupons. Copies of the Full Birth Certificate can be obtained from the issuing authority. You must be co-habiting at the same address, and the declaration is required to prove this. If you are not co-habiting at the same address, you do not meet the eligiility requirements. Before you submit your form, please check that you are requesting a valid journey for which a ticket can be issued.

For a new season ticket, if the start date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday also Tuesday after a Bank Holiday , the ticket can be purchased from noon on the previous Friday. If the start date is another day, the ticket can only be purchased after noon on the previous day.

For a renewal which has no break in continuity from an existing priv season ticket, you may purchase the renewal anytime up to seven days in advance. RST will issue the correct facilities, i.

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Dependant Season Ticket authorisation form. Season ticket authorisation forms will be returned to you approx days in advance. Changes to or from a non-UK addresses should be notified by email or post. Site Tools Site search Site map Members site. English French German Spanish Welsh. For a Spouse - you must attach a Marriage Certificate. For children that are adopted, fostered or subject to guardianship or residency order, you must attach the Adoption Certificate, Foster Order, Special Guardianship Order or Residency Order.

If you wish to buy a ticket using the International Reduced Rate Card, this should be done before starting your journey as a service charge is levied on on-train payments. Global fares coupons not valid apply for travel on Thalys international services to France, Germany and the Netherlands. This supplement is included when purchasing tickets with an International Reduced Rate Card.

Discounted fares are available to International Reduced Rate Card holders for travel on the express bus between Prague Airport and Prague main station Praha hl. Please note that travellers with FIP documents may not break their journeys when their train is passing through German territory, nor is leaving or joining these trains in Germany permitted. There are a number of other operators in Denmark, including Arriva. FIP travel facilities are not valid on these services. Finland VR If you have a coupon you can either reserve a seat global price FIP leisure or travel free, without a seat reservation.

Special ticketing arrangements involving global fares are in place for daytime Lyria and Thalys services and services between Belgium and the South of France. FIP travel facilities are not valid in Corsica. This will give you access through the automatic ticket barriers. Some services are subject to restrictions - see the separate Restrictions section.

Special fares apply on night services, motorail services and the IC coach between Nurnberg and Prague On railjet services holders of 2 nd class FIP facilities may use Economy Class but Premium class in railjet services may under no circumstances be used by holders of any FIP travel facilities. A number of smaller operators provide local and regional services.

Note especially that in many areas of Germany a combined fares structure is in operation look for the word 'Verkehrsverbund'. It is not possible to buy tickets at reduced rate for travel in these areas nor are coupons valid if your journey is entirely within the area concerned.


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You may not travel on the IC Hermes service. Only active staff are entitled to discounts on the Aegean routes and no reductions are granted for travel in July and August. This domestic discount is not available for use on trains entering or leaving Hungary cross-border journeys. The discount is valid only against the fare: it does not cover any supplements. So if you are using a specially priced service train eg InterCity any supplement or reservation due still has to be paid for. If you wish to travel in 1st class, the difference between the 1st and the 2nd class fare can be paid. Proof of age and of nationality is provided by your passport.

Before commencing your journey, a free registration ticket indicating your destination should wherever possible be obtained at the station ticket counter. It is also possible to book online at looking for the Reduction drop-down menu and selecting Person over 65 under Free.

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If you hold a staff travel card safeguarded staff you may also use this to buy reduced rate tickets. Free travel without restriction or supplement is available on services designated R or RV.

Forms for railway employees / retirees tickets in international traffic

Global fares are payable for travel on the night services between Italy and Austria via Tarvisio. In general, FIP facilities are not valid on services provided by other operators in Italy. You may however use Intercity and local services that serve the airport. No FIP facilities are available in Sweden. There are a number of smaller regional operators in Poland.

Global fares apply on the international services from Lisbon to Madrid and Hendaye. On AP trains coupons irrespective of class are valid in tourist class only. FIP facilities are not valid in Fertagus trains, nor are they valid on ferries between Lisbon and Barreiro. No supplements are payable by coupon holders or by holders of tickets bought with the International Reduced Rate Card when travelling on EC and IC trains. FIP facilities are valid on the narrow gauge services in the Tatra region.

Application Requirements

For travel by ICS trains reservations are compulsory. Special Global fares apply on Trenhotel services. Berner Oberland Railways Half-rate travel upon presentation of a letter of introduction. Subject to availability Free coupons not valid! Class of service as per FiP card Cancellation: up to one day before departure free of charge. Germany to Austria, France, Italy No reduction on the vehicle. FiP fare applies.